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London, England | APRIL 2018


 i was made for loving you, established polyship triad. semi-open.
 Posted: Dec 31 2017, 11:05 AM
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this rather open ad is for lyra’s two significant others. she is one part of a three person closed triad, meaning they are in an exclusive relationship with each other only. they've been together about four years and just recently moved in together. however, to the outside world (for the most part) they are thought to be roommates only, though there are often rumors about the three of them in different pairings. one of the reasons is that, at least one of them is in the public eye.

lyra was the one that made the initial move by kiss each and then insisting they kiss each other, but the feelings they all have for each other had been bubbling for quite a long time before that. after a night together that was aided by alcohol, lyra tried to put it behind her but it was made difficult by her own mind replaying that night and the persistence of the other two. they very recently all moved in together, so are going through the adjustment of living in one place.

i've tried to leave them quite open, but do have some details that i need and some that i prefer.

#1. ‘nix’. nixon is actually the last name of this fella, but that’s what lyra calls him. he's probably the gentlest of the three of them, as well as the most patient and persistent. it was thanks to nix that the three of them managed to get their heads out of their asses and give this thing a try. he's best as weathering lyra’s temperament and good about calming her down, soothing her, etc. possible jobs: doctor (different department than er), soccer player, open. age: 31-34. face: colin donnell is my bae and would fit this role perfectly. reluctantly open to other faces, maybe jensen ackles.

#2. nix and #2 were friends first, so their feelings might go back further, but the relationship didn't start until the three of them. i prefer this to be another male because i like the complexities that come with two males and issues of one (#2) not feeling masculine enough, probably due to the way he was raised, as well as his job, which might rely a lot on masculinity and his imagine as a ladies’ man. as a male, he would be more masculine, more likely to be a little rougher around the edges, etc. i am open to this role being a female. either way, the occupation should be something that is in the limelight, so one of the major reasons why they keep everything a secret, because it would likely cause a shitstorm of media if they came out. occupation: actor, sports star, police, firefighter, etc. age: 31-34. faces: jensen ackles, jamie dornan.

please only take these babies if you aren't going to ditch. i would also like the players to be able to post for these guys a few times a week, at least. good grammar and spelling is also necessary please.

contact me on discord frick_of_nature#6195 to chat more about these babies!
take them!!!

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